Congratulations and welcome to your website!

About Divi

Your website is built on a platform called Divi. Divi is a super flexible and easy to use platform that makes managing your site a breeze. Just like riding a bike or learning to drive a car, the more you practice and get into it, the easier it will become to manage and maintain it without the need to hire someone to help.

You can access documentation and specific training videos on how to use additional Divi features by going to Appearance >> Divi Training on the left-hand toolbar.

Some Helpful Videos

About WordPress

If you’re wanting to know more about WordPress and gain a better understanding of how to use it, you’ll want to access more in-depth tutorials to do so. I recommend the site www.wp101.com to do so. You can also Google your questions on YouTube and find hundreds of videos on a variety of topics and training styles.

From here, go explore, try things out and have fun getting used to your new site!

An Important Note About Updates

On occasion, WordPress and Divi will release updates on their platforms. You will need to manage these updates as they come in.

You want to make sure and update Divi FIRST and then, update WordPress anytime you’re prompted. This is important to perform these updates in this order.

Tech Support

As a rule, I do not provide ongoing site management, maintenance or tech support beyond the delivery of your site unless a contract for additional management services is requested. I do advise and encourage you to perform routine checks and conduct regular backups of your site. While I do not provide tech support, I do however have a partnership with Divi and Elegant Themes, the theme that your site has been built on so if you find that you need help and tech support using the features on your site then you can head over to Divi and Elegant themes and purchase a membership which will give you access to unlimited support and features using your Divi site. Here is a link to view your options.

Congratulations and enjoy your new site!



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